Wheelers Hill Lions Club

District 201V5, Victoria, Australia

About Us

The Lions Club of Wheelers Hill was started in 1994 and since then has developed a proud tradition of helping those in need. 

We started our meetings in at Mulgrave County Club in 1994 (well before extensions), and over a period meetings were held at Village Green Hotel, Kingston Links Golf Club & Stamford Hotel before returning to our original home some years ago.  

We have contributed thousands of hours to the community over that time and injected over $500,000 worth of goods and services - locally, domestically and internationally.

Varied social events have alwatys been a regular feature on our calendar over the years with regular guests speakerssought out for at least one dinner meeting a month.

Where we touch the community;

Support Groups are;

Community Partnerships were established in 2014 with the following 5 groups and Club hopes to develop a strong meaningful relationship over coming years.

Groups are;

Our current 3 key areas of support are;

Some of our recent work touches: 

The Community: 

Medical Research: 

Emergency Relief: 

Our club also sponsored a Leo Club in early 2015 with the joining of 15 keen young adults & we trust this club will develop into an excellent group helping serve our local community.